Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

Seeking Transparent, Honest and Trustworthy Government

It’s not about what they say.
It’s not about how they look.
It’s not even about what party they belong to.
It’s about how they vote that matters.

The level of corruption in politics has gotten to the point of near collapse of our state as a free and republican form of government.

Corruption is rampant and rapidly growing in our state.

This is not party politics.

This is about preserving and restoring proper representative government to our country.

Join us to help educate the people about what has happened and to get tools and information out to them that will allow them to make intelligent decisions.

Know what is happening in our capital, and who is doing what and why.

Know who is funded by whom.  If we don’t act now, all could be lost.  This is the time for the people to wake up and force our governments back into the safe box they were placed in by the constitution.

This is NOT a political action committee.  ICGG is focused on voter education and exposure of government corruption that hurts all of us.  We do NOT endorse any specific candidate or political party.  We tend to support conservatives and republicans only because we support constitutional, honest and limited government.

This isn’t JUST politics either.  We have a moral obligation to preserve the blessings of liberty.  Political action alone will not get the job done.  This is about education, exortation, inspiration, discernment, prayer and action – at home, at work, in the public square, at the ballot box, in the press, at church, and at school.

Latest News:

The National Alarm Idaho - Request for Grand Jury into crimes against humanity.

See the request here.

ICGG Booth at Kamiah BBQ Days

The ICGG will be holding an outreach/education/fundraising booth at the Kamiah BBQ days on September 2nd.  Feel free to stop by and get to know us.  Sodas and Cookies will be given away in exchange for donations as well.

A great video on why good bills
aren't getting heard.

Steps to being a good citizen (not a slave):

  1. Inform yourself (watch this video)
  2. Contact the accused and give them a chance to explain themselves: (the email addresses of these 4 Idaho legislaturs from their official pages on [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
  3. If they can’t give you a good answer to the accusations, or refuse to reply to you, try calling their office – give them yet another chance.
  4. Once you know from the horses mouth that these guys are a problem, tell the world and get these guys out of office – or – if they turn out to be falsely accused, let the authors of this video know that you disagree and why.

By taking steps in this way you give the accused a fair shake and don’t let the media or social networks trigger you into a mistake or into making a false accusation.  At the same time you get to know personally the people that are making decisions that affect your life and the lives of your family, friends, employers and others.

The more people that make a difference, the bigger the difference becomes.

Knowledge is power – but only if you use it.

Here is a letter I wrote to these 4 legislators mentioned in the video above:

This video clearly points you out as blocking the people’s will to get good bills heard in committee and hearings.
I don’t like to base my opinions of others on 3rd party information so I am asking each of you to please respond to the accusations in this video and give me your side of the story.  
If I do not hear from you within 14 days I will have to assume you have no adequate response to the accusations and that they must therefore be true and valid.
Since I have published this video on our website, I promise that any response you give, I will also publish along with where the video is so others can see your responses as well (unless you ask me not to)
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Responses from these key gatekeeper legislators

Representative Stephen Harris

Email Failed for Rep. Stephen Harris

Clearly Mr. Harris is not very interested in hearing from his constituents.

Representative Fred Wood

Awaiting a response

Fred Martin

Awaiting a response

Todd Lakey

Awaiting a response