Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

Seeking Transparent, Honest and Trustworthy Government

It’s not about what they say.
It’s not about how they look.
It’s not even about what party they belong to.
It’s about how they vote that matters.

The level of corruption in politics has gotten to the point of near collapse of our state as a free and republican form of government.

Corruption is rampant and rapidly growing in our state.

This is not party politics.

This is about preserving and restoring proper representative government to our country.

Join us to help educate the people about what has happened and to get tools and information out to them that will allow them to make intelligent decisions.

Know what is happening in our capital, and who is doing what and why.

Know who is funded by whom.  If we don’t act now, all could be lost.  This is the time for the people to wake up and force our governments back into the safe box they were placed in by the constitution.

This is NOT a political action committee.  ICGG is focused on voter education and exposure of government corruption that hurts all of us.  We do NOT endorse any specific candidate or political party.  We tend to support conservatives and republicans only because we support constitutional, honest and limited government.

Latest News:

We added some nice video links showing vote counting fraud as far back as 2004.