Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

A light shining in the wilderness - The Idaho Freedom Caucus

These are the people fighting for your freedoms, your children and your pocketbook.

Their voting records match their words and the ICGG wants you to know that we endorse every one of them with all our heart.

Thank you each one for standing up to the powers that be that are trying to turn Idaho into something more resembling a socialist state than a constitutional republic!


Back Row, left to right: Sen. Glenneda Zuiderveld–District 24; Rep. Tony Wisniewski–District 5; Rep. Joe Alfieri–District 4; Rep. Mike Kingsley–District 7; Rep. Dale Hawkins–District 2; Sen. Scott Herndon–District 1. Front Row, left to right: Rep. Jacyn Gallagher-District 9; Rep. Heather Scott (Co-Chair)–District 2; Rep. Elaine Price–District 4; Sen. Tammy Nichols (Co-Chair)–District 10; Sen. Brian Lenney–District 13; Sen. Cindy Carlson–District 7.

See their substack here.