Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

What is ICGG all about?

Idaho Citizens for Good Government is a loose association of generally conservative voters that are very concerned about how we are being deceived by Republican Candidate rhetoric that induces us to vote for Republican’s in Name Only (RINO).¬† We feel we must take action this election period in order to prevent a catastrophic loss of republican government in our state.

Our Mission:

Expose the failure of elected officials in Idaho to represent and protect the rights of its citizens.

Our Goals:

  • Document instances¬† of elected officials failure to adhere to the proper role of government.
  • Provide a means for citizens to expose elected officials, agencys, and bureaucratic misconduct.
  • Expose the behind-the-scenes influence of money interests on government.
  • Promote transparency and accountability in local and state government.
  • Establish a program to honor those elected officials who show commitment to the proper role of government and the principles of true republicanism (lawful representative government), not party.