Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

Ammon Bundy - our next Governor?

Yesterday, I attended an Ammon Bundy ralley near Clearwater at “Liberty Ranch”.

I was quite impressed!

Although the ICGG is not supposed to be partisian, I would have to say that Ammon is about as non-partisan as one can get.

He emphasised that the change from conservative to liberal in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado came about by voters simply voting R at the ballot box.

This is soon to be the fate of Idaho if we don’t wake up and do our homework before we vote.

What I really liked about Ammon is that the first thing he did in his speach was address the meaning of “liberty”.  The definition illudes us because the powers that be don’t want a clear goal in mind that unifies the people against them.

Liberty is defined, by Ammon Bundy, as the right to do whatever you want to so long as it doesn’t interfere with the person, property or rights of another.

This is the simple idea that brought about our republic – the rule of law – that gave us the freedom and happiness we now enjoy.

Check out Ammon’s website and research for yourself what this man stands for.  Do your homework and don’t let others take away your liberties by lies or censorship.

Once lost, freedom is rarely regained without bloodshed.

Sanford Staab, reporter for Idaho Citizens for Good Government

Ammon Bundy shared at his Clearwater appearance that he has been jailed some 9 times and incarcerated for 2 years, including solitary confinement, and never been convicted of a federal misdameanor. (He was convicted of trespassing on the state capitol but singled out from everyone else and was just calmly sitting there.)