Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

Excuses for Slavery:

"We Must lock down because of


Global Warming"

I was watching this great video that pointed out that Canada is now using Global Warming as the excuse to pass legislation to do essentially what they wanted to do using Covid-19 just a couple of years ago.

We are being systematically driven into tyrany.  Make no mistake about it.  No less will be acceptable to those that are running the show.

The cure is personal responsibility and education.

The longer we take to wake up and get into action, the harder it gets to free ourselves from this net of control and influence.

Realize that the earliest corruption of our system was against the judicial branch.  Once BAR Attorney’s gained control of that system, the path was clear to take steps beyond that.

The only solution I can think of that might work is for Juries to begin to assert their rights as Jurors and force the courts into compliance with the true law of the land.

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