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ICGG makes a difference!

Congratulations to Rose Pogue and Dan Proskine, two people that set a goal and met it.

Chuck Winder was defeated in this year’s election – a never-done-before historical event that was very likely accomplished by the hard work of these two and many others.

ICGG wants to thank everyone involved.  The grass roots can still make a change if they work together and work hard!

Dan Proskine and I just wanted to send out a huge “ATTA BOY” to all of you who helped Josh Keyser HISTORICALLY take the seat from Chuck Winder!  I hope you were all watching yesterday and saw that you took part in something that is really important as well as historic in Idaho.  It was a close race so everything that you all did, as you can see made the difference.  Every single vote was important, which means that those 281 people more that voted for Mr. Keyser than voted for Mr. Winder, could have easily been people that talked to you guys!  WOW!  I’m so grateful for each one of you that went and sacrificed that weekend and all the rubber off your shoes, and all the….well sweat, maybe no blood or tears, but all the same – it went to a huge victory!  Those Committee Chairmen being replaced, prayerfully, by good Godly men, will make a HUGE difference in Idaho.

Dan Proskine, Mr Pogue and I all went down again last weekend and we heard so many “thank yous” from Josh, his wife, his kids, and Ryan and his wife and kids, to bring back to you guys!  You really made an impact.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and really look forward to getting to work with you all again.  The war is not over, but that was a huge “W” for that battle!  

Please continue to pray for their family.  I learned that the kids had to be put in public school so their Daddy could run.  It was a big step and sacrifice for them, and they all could use you guys’ prayers!  The General election will now be in November, and we will see if Josh has any opposition from the Democrats, but as this election played out, all the candidates that are really serious about helping IDAHO took a huge attack from WITHIN the Republican party.  The Democrats could be even worse.  If you guys want to ever get involved and be a part of all that goes on to help these candidates, please give me a call!  There is so much to do and any youthful energy and ideas would be VERY WELCOME!  



With great appreciation,
Rossella Pogue and Dan Proskine

In addition to Chuck Winder’s defeat, three other RINO incumbents that ICGG targeted were unseated as follows: In District 8 Christy Zito unseated Geoff Schroeder, in District 9 Brandon Shippy unseated Scott Syme and in District 25 Josh Kohl unseated Linda Hartgen.

Hopefully,going forward ,with these four RINOs out of the picture, the Senate will be able to pass some truly conservative bills and defeat those bills pushing the liberal agenda.



Hi Everyone,
FYI, I just went through the list of the 36 candidates running against RINOs for House seats that we had sent letters and All District brochures to. 
Three had withdrawn from the race. Eleven were successful in ousting the incumbent. Of those, two had printed our All District brochures to use in their campaign.