Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

ICGGs Plan for 2024

Below are handouts for each district and for any district in the state.  The front of the tri-fold brochure is the same for all districts.  Choose the appropriate inside file for the back/inside side of the brochure.

The districts that are special target the “Dirty Dozen” worst RINOs in the state.


The executive committee of the Idaho Citizens for Good Government (ICGG) are asking you for help. The 12 “RINO” Idaho Senators that, according to the Idaho Freedom Foundations score card , have an F in all 3 categories, Education, Freedom, and Spending are all up for re-election. We are aiming to do all we can to defeat them. HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP


In each district we are looking for as many freedom loving citizens who can help us get out our brochures and election information to the proper voters as we can find. If you know of anyone living in any of these districts who would be willing to help us, please let us know via our contact form. We will not bother anyone who isn’t interested in helping, but need a way to inform these voters about the things we are finding about these senators who represent them, with the hopes that together we can keep them from being elected again.

Chuck Winder is the Senate Pro-tempore and most of the rest listed are ones he has selected to Chair the various committees.  Keeping them from being voted for in the next election could score a big win for all of Idaho.


This is not about party politics.  It’s about simple integrity in government.  There are dozens of “conservative” groups promoting liberal policies by “lying” and mis-representing themselves.  These policies invariably grow government which leads to corruption and eventually to tyranny.  These “Dirty Dozen” senators have too much power and are working together, along with our Governor to cement their political careers in place to become ever more rich and powerful.  They do not represent their constituents but threaten the freedoms we charish and the wealth we have been blessed with.


Thank you for helping us get this vital information out.

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We can’t tell you how angry we got when we found out how the RINOs in Boise are colluding to gain power while voting with the democrats.  This shows up especially in the spending category.  Here below are some facts you can print up and hand out outside of the upcoming firehouse causus happening on March 2nd, 2024.

This maps out how these RINOs fund each other and control legislation in Idaho.

A political party is defined by its platform.

If enough republican elected officials violate the platform in their voting, the party means nothing.

Let’s let our fellow republicans know when not to just vote R.

Note that some of these guys have begun to improve their voting record in this election year.

We doubt their stripes have actually changed.


We want to thank the Idaho Freedom Foundation for doing the research to help us distinguish between the window dressing and the facts.  We are working on some better ways to evaluate both candidates and where the money goes, but for now, the IFF is our main source of data for these purposes.

We also very much appreciate the help of volunteers all over Idaho that enable us to do this work.  If you want pre-printed copies, please use the contact form to let us know where to send them.

We can mail you up to 25 copies of each document for free. Feel free to use our contact form to join us in this battle for our freedoms, our homes, and our families.