Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee loses 2 Precinct Committeemen in one day

Central Republican Committee of Idaho County Censors its own Minutes

At a recent ICGG meeting, Jay Maxner, a Precinct Committeeman (PC) in Idaho County, announced that he had resigned from the Idaho County Republican Central Committee.

His grounds were the lack of action, delays and outright censorship of PCs which is in violation of its own bylaws.

Mr. Maxner related to a situation where he and several other PCs were assigned to a subcommittee to make recommendations on action to  vet candidates to prevent RINO’s from getting endorsements by the party.

After many weeks of work the committee was ready to give their recommendations to the main body but was blocked by a body vote from doing so, after the Chairman had declared the failure of the sub-committee, with no evidence to support that conclusion.

When Mr. Maxner protested for the record that this action was thwarting the will of the people whom he represented, he found that his statement was deleted from the minutes.

When Jay objected to his statement being left out of the minutes, the Chairman put it to a vote and a majority of the body voted to censor his remarks that had been critical of the Chairman’s actions.


Mr. Maxner submitted his resignation soon after.

Craig Spegel Resigns from the Central Republican Committee

The following letter was read by Mr. Spegel at the same meeting where Jay Maxner resigned. 9/19/23

When I was shooting competitively, one standard course of fire was the “El Presidente”.  You have 3 targets spaced one yard apart and 7 yards away.  Starting with you back to the targets, on the signal you turn, draw, and fire 2 shots on each target, reload and fire 2 more shots on each.

My best time was 6 seconds with all 3 shots in groups that I could cover with my hand.

I mention this because when I set my mind to something I like to see results.  I’m not seeing much in the way of results with this group.

One of my most memorable evenings was the night that James Rockwell’s reign came crashing down.  I had high hopes that things were going to change.

Early last year a small group of us formed the “Idaho Citizens for Good Government” in a matter of 2 maybe 3 months, we put together a display, and fliers, and a website highlighting the grades as determined by the Idaho Freedom Foundation for the 105 representatives and senators in Idaho.

We did a press conference at the capital, 3 gun shows, at least 2 political events and Kamiah days.

When we did the display in early 2022 of the 105 officials, 19 were democrats and 50 of the republicans received “D”s and mostly “F” scores.

When I came on board here I brought in our display.  It got a very cold reception, almost as if , “how dare we shine the light on the precious republican R.I.N.O.s”!

For all the years that the central committee has been in existence, what have they done?

You talk so highly of the Idaho Republican Platform, almost to the point of worship, but don’t really want to go after the R.I.N.O.’s both in Idaho and back in D.C.

You were more concerned about security at the “Lincoln Day” event when the ICGG R.I.N.O. display showed up, rather than inviting it in to highlight the R.I.N.O.s.

It’s as if it’s more important to glorify republican R.I.N.O.s than expose them.

So my take on the Lincoln Day event is:

  1. Make Money
  2. Put on a show
  3. Keep the donors fat, dumb and happy

Ammon Bundy stated that Idaho will turn blue in about 5 years.  I did not like hearing that but I think he is correct.  Why?  Because of the fat, dumb and happy crowd of republicans that only show up every couple of years to vote for someone with an R by their name, and then assume Idaho will continue to be a red state.

Have you ever asked yourselves why the democrats are taking over the country?

It’s simple.  They don’t have a problem doing whatever it takes to win elections, and put their people in power positions from the top down.  Meanwhile, the republicans are worried about following the Robert’s rules of order.

What I remember about the 2020 election is that in Idaho, Trump got 60% of the vote but Biden got 40%.  Show of hands, how many are NOT voting for Trump in 2024?  Why is it that with one exception I never see any of you wearing Trump hats?

To sum it all up, I am getting pissed off at our country going down the toilet as the Christian Conservative Republicans sit around talking about how much money to spend on candy at a parade.

I am saddened to say this appears to be a social club and not much more.

I am not giving up the fight, far from it, but I will be spending my time with organizations that actually get something done.

One final thought.  You may want to be not come across as a “elite club” and start allowing concerned citizens a chance to put in their thoughts and ideas.  A couple years ago my wife and I came here and our take away was that the audience was not welcomed and we felt very much like “Sit there, and be quiet.”


Craig Spegel