Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

IdahoCGG is born!

We all felt it.  There was a big need.  Something had to be done!

Several friends got together and decided to DO SOMETHING.

We gathered and talked and decided to form Idaho Citizens for Good Government.

We decided to make a big media splash at the capitol.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation had some data on how our state representatives actually voted and that was as good a place to start as any.

We made this big 8′ x 20′ display and put it in the rotunda at the capitol to call out those representatives that appeared to be conservative republicans on the surface but who’s voting records continue to erode our freedoms, crush our economy, endanger our children, cost us more money, and all the time misrepresenting who they really were.

There has been lots of corruption in government forever but these past few years, things just got worse faster than ever before.

It was as if we were at a crossroads and if we didn’t move now, we might not be able to ever.

IdahoCGG isn’t just about RINOs (Republican’s in Name Only).  It’s about providing the tools and information voters need to keep their representatives in check.  Its a rallying point where neighbors can help neighbors to defend ourselves from encroaching and corrupt government.

Billions are spent by corporations, elites, and even nations to sway not only our government policies but even our elections!

If we lose the representative form of government our founding fathers gave us, we might as well pack it up and go home.


We constructed photos of ALL of our legislators.  Republicans AND Democrats and tried to come up with a fair way to let people know who loves freedom and prosperity and true education and will stand up against special interests to protect our freedoms.

We had a small turnout, even though we had invited all the Media people we could find.  We published an early announcement and created a media kit.  We secured the location and showed up.

Some legislators that had good grades had their photos taken in front of our display.  Others, who didn’t look so good, peeked at us from a distance from the floor above.  Some snickered.  Some told jokes.  But there was a clear but faint wiff of RAW FEAR in the air as our would-be emperors started seeing their constituents seeing that they HAD NO CLOTHES!

If you feel helpless with all the misdirection and cynical attitudes of your media and your government, JOIN US.