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On School Levies

Education is important!

Education needs to be funded.  So why ever vote down a levy?

Well, there are some questions one needs to ask first.

What kind of education is important?

Do we want social engineering, the forcing of cultural norms not in line with parent’s wishes onto our children?  Do we want gender change operations and vaccine mandates enforced without parental consent?  Do we want pornographic materials given to our children without parental consent?

The vast majority of parents would say no.

These are the extreme issues of today which are a natural result of a gross error made some 70 years ago.  Where did this slide to bad education begin?  It began with the removal of the bible and prayer from the schools – where wisdom, humility, and self-control were taught.

This can be proven by the statistics on divorce, sexual perversion and pre-marital sex all of  which dramatically increased not long after this change took place. 

This is where our original Jeffersonian Virginia school system began, teaching basic reading, writing, and arithmetic with the almost universal moral wisdom from the Bible culturally mandated in those days.  That kind of education is the core that is necessary to give a person the tools needed to wisely embark on their own self-education and self-government from there.  Experts can get you to where you want to go from there, but not an automated one-size-fits-all, age differentiated, regime of compliance (remember truancy laws?) and cookie cutter diplomas from an assembly line designed to meet the needs of corporate America and the military industrial complex.

The other question is: what kind of funding is appropriate?

In the state of Idaho, the funding of education is required to be provided for by the state.  This derives from the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, where education was encouraged and follows with a section in the Idaho State Constitution requiring the state to fund public education

The state of Idaho has set aside some 2.4 million acres of land, managed by the IDL, for the purpose of funding education.  Where has all that funding gone that we need local levies which are liens against our personal property?  Why are we being asked to fund millions of dollars locally when we are already taxed on our personal property and robbed of our state lands to supposedly pay for it?

Admittedly, local funding should mean more local control, and that is good but that can’t effectively take place within our public school system with a federal department of education and the National Education Association (NEA) influencing the entire system.

The US Constitution does not grant the federal government powers over education and the 10th amendment of the Bill of Rights requires such unspecified powers to be left to the people and the states – yet we have federal monies influencing our local schools!

All this appears more like a control structure than it does a provision for good education.

On top of all of this, we now have the technology to teach virtually with no need for school buildings, classrooms, chalkboards, or even books – provided we can keep at least a minimum amount of truth available on the internet.  Parents can use this technology to give their kids the education they need with minimal cost and effort.

Probably the biggest loss we have suffered due to the failure of public education is the loss of our history.  The last few generations of our country don’t appreciate the unique and ingenius system of checks and balances our founders gave to us.  They can’t appreciate that because it is derived from a biblical common-law world view which is being denied them.

Forbidding biblical education in public schools is regulating religion and is the exact opposite of what Jefferson’s “separation of church and state” idea and his proposed first public American school system intended.  The freedom we have is uniquely derived from the “self evident” truths of rights that we are “endowed by our creator” for.  This is the unique thing that is “American” and if we lose that, we have lost America and all it stands for.

The time for centralized and antiquated public school systems is over.  We no longer need the state to intervene on this issue.  The path from our centralized, censored, mechanistic, atheist school system to one that again creates a person capable of governing themselves in a free society will be a difficult one but the line must be drawn somewhere.

Parents: take responsibility for the future of your kids and teach them at home or at least keep track of what your school board trustees and legislators are doing.  It is far easier now than ever before to take responsibility for your child’s education and with a far higher potential of success than has ever been in the past. You are competing against a dead, socially engineered, monopolistic system. You can beat “dumb and dumber”!

The ICGG editorial staff,

A note from Casey Smith on our Levy situation

See more on Casey Smith in our School Board Election Article.

Nothing new with the proposed school levy this year except for a legislative change to allow for the items to be listed on the ballot.

A long list of hopeful options have always been a part of proposed levies. They show up on the ballot this year thanks to the ISBA, an extremely liberal lobbying organization indirectly representing teachers unions.

What you will see on the ballot is nothing more than figures pulled out of the expense column that adds up to what the board thinks it can use to convince you to vote for the levy.


Just that simple.


Whatever the desired levy amount will be is what you will see for any proposed levy, it has always been that way. The levy amount will be the absolute max that the board feels you will pass.

In 2020 the initial proposed levy amount was $4,500,000. Later reduced to $3,900,000.

I ran an ad titled “Woody’s Fantasy Land”. The wish list was ridiculous. The selling point for the district was that if it didn’t pass, it would be DEVASTATING and 1/3 of everything would be going away. It failed by 70%.




In 2021 the original levy amount was $4, 100,000, reduced to $3,100,000. The cry from the district was that it would be DOUBLE DEVASTATING following an earlier levy failure. The only thing that went away was the sports buses, while the superintendent handed out over $280,000 of bonuses at Christmas time.

Yes that is true!

Kids had to find their own way to games while school employees received bonuses. 


(Thomas Sowell)

The purpose of the levy wish list is simply to pass the levy and then use the money as the district and the union wants.

With the financial failure of the 4 day school week, we are covering $490,546.78 in salaries for the employees’ no show days and supplemental contracts.


(See my ad in last week’s paper)


We have to cover greedy items in the Union/MVSD ratified contracts that include leadership premiums. This is something that was cancelled in the 2020 Legislative session HB443 but brought back to MVSD by the union/board negotiators this year.

B Edwards and Melisa Kaschmitter negotiated for the board.

This could possibly cost the district well over $100,000. This is something that is not paid for by the state and is not required.

Another thing new this year is the district insurance committee. 


This was formed to research insurance premiums and options. While not specifically mentioned in the contract, I continue to hear and have actually been told directly, that family insurance benefits is the goal.


When the dependent health coverage ended in 2021 it was costing over $900,000. Yes $900,000 of your levy money all those years was for employee family health benefits. That was for 70% coverage.

My understanding is that the union wants the identical coverage that the employees have for their dependents. Which is 100% coverage for major medical, optical, dental, and preventive and prescription benefits.

My inquiries make me believe that the coverage would now be or exceed $2,000,000 to cover school employee dependents.

I am certain that until the levy vote is past the union will deny it.


If you doubt what I say then contact Valary Pfefferkorn, union president [email protected] and Melisa Kaschmitter, [email protected]


Ask them if they will agree to a binding and legal agreement to absolutely make certain that as long as MVSD is operating on or using levy money in perpetuity that no money from MVSD will be used to fund dependent insurance premiums.


MVSD does not have an income problem, never has.


We have a spending problem.


Based on a 30 day month, teachers are in classrooms for only 5 months, 150 days. Teacher’s average salaries are $80,908.32, and principals are $119,438.65, while the children’s education has been chopped by 20%.


Remember to vote November 7th.


Casey Smith

Anti-Levy signs being Vandalized

This election we have seen an unprecedented level of vandalism of No on the Levy signs.


Vince Rundhaug of Grangeville has posted a $500 reward for information leading to the convition of the perpatrators.


Vandalism of signs is no different than censorship and is a violation of our inalienable right to freedom of speech.

We don’t see pro-levy signs being vandalized, which should tell you something about the character of those for the levy that are willing to stoop this low to win.

When there is big $ involved, some people will do just about anything to get that money.


Unfortunately ,that  money is YOURS!

A $500 reward will be given to the person who has information that will lead to the arrest and conviction for trespassing, vandalism, and/or malicious act by the person or persons responsible for the Sunday, October 22nd, attack on a NO LEVY sign located on Hwy 95 across from The Dollar Store & Gortseman Hwy Parking lot. Reference Grangeville Police Dept case #2310072G. Contact Vince at 208-983-3962.

Another Informative Note from Casey Smith

There are a lot of untrue statements being made to pass the union’s levy this year. Here are some really big whoppers


We are being told the CV Middle School was closed as a cost savings. SIMPLY NOT TRUE! The superintendent made it very clear that there would be very little if any savings closing it. Every employee would be retained, and the building would still have to be heated and maintained. It was sold to the board as a security measure. After and only after the vote, the superintendent then said as a result of the moving the 6th grade to CVE another Parapro was needed. Closing the school actually cost the district another $50,000 or whatever the Parapro would make, with salary and benefits.

Of course the big lie is that the 4 day school week would save us money, a story that the levy promoters still spread around. Again simply not true.

There are always scare tactics. In 2020 when the original levy amount was presented $4,500,000 the superintendent used the term “devastating” and a third of everything would go away if the levy failed. No devastation, nothing went away.

In 2021 the original levy amount presented was $4,100,000. The term used this year was doubly devastating. There was no devastation.
That year the sports buses went away and at the same time the superintendent handed out $280,000 of bonuses at Christmas time. Yes that is true. $280,000 would have supported the sports buses.

“Public Schools are run for the benefit of those who run the schools.”
(Thomas Sowell)

There is a lot of pork and waste in this year’s union/MVSD ratified agreement and 4 board members voted for. One example is the district insurance committee. A big push by the union to reinstate employee’s dependent health benefits. When it ended it was costing more than $900,000 per year at 70% coverage. It is my understanding the union wants the same coverage for their families as the employees have. That is 100% for major medical, optical, dental and preventive and prescription benefits. My inquires tells me the cost will be upwards of $2,000,000.

The biggest lie is that MVSD went to a 4 day school week because of the levy failure. When I confronted B Edwards, the union mouth piece for the 4 day school week, of which she promoted the shorter week for years, she stated ” Of course I wanted the 4 day school week, I was a teacher all those years”. In those years there was no levy failure or money crunch. MVSD does not have an income problem, they have a spending problem.

We have had 4 years of no levy and not one person or position has been cut. NOT ONE!

Casey Smith

Another op-ed on the Levy Issue

With Great Concern for Humanity and the future of my posterity I write these words.

I am Nonia Larsen, a 64-year-old grandmother who has worked with children my whole life.

I am the mother of 9 children, stepmom to 3, helped raise at least 10 other children in my home.  I have a bachelor’s degree in education, with minors in child-development, and family and home economics.  I taught preschool, K-12 in public schools, including troubled youth programs and children with special needs.  I have worked with many state agencies such as juvenile court, family services, drug and alcohol, etc.  I taught cub scouts for many years, ran day-care and preschools in my home, and wrote a book with my mother giving people DIY ideas about how to inspire children’s imagination, problem solving skills and independent creative thought using hand’s-on applied education. 

While I was teaching in public schools during the 80’s, I personally witnessed the unethical actions of the teachers’ unions and the agendas they were pushing including levies.  I studied the curriculum that was being pushed by the National Education Association and the corporations and entities who were funding them. 

I realized that the curriculum the NEA was sending to the state education departments, and the methods used to deliver their ideas into the minds of innocent children were in direct opposition to what actually helps children to be healthy, whole, and happy functional adults. 

I was stunned when I saw that the people who were supposed to be looking out for the welfare of children, were actually pushing an agenda that causes children to be far less aware, less creative, socially awkward, and unable to perform most real-life skills. 

I could see the results of this agenda happening to my own children.  Public school was causing them great stress and their natural enthusiastic love of learning was shutting off.  Instead, they were jumping through public school hoops for grades, and other people’s opinions, or to avoid punishment.  The more stressed they got, the less they actually learned.   

The stressers in public school came from multiple arenas besides the curriculum and the tests: the synthetic chemicals they were exposed to in the schools, the unnatural learning styles being pushed, sitting in chairs too long, the poor food quality, the push to compete, compare and contend with each other rather than cooperate. The digitization of their minds with technology, the age segregation from the elderly and other age groups whom they could be learning from, the separation from nature and our food chain, and the push to go to college and work for the big corporations instead of farming, logging,  or making your living using your hands.  I realized that the institution of public school was about money and control, not the well-being of children.

I decided to homeschool my children, and continued to do so for many years, while homesteading/farming, home birthing and learning natural medicines and folk remedies.  I participated in cooperative homeschool networks with other families and tried a variety of curriculums. I realized that the best education integrated head and hands together in mental and physical projects that taught real life skills. 

My youngest child spent most of her time outdoors doing real life projects, learning at own pace, reading when she was ready, and not when the public-school guidelines said she should.  She turned out brilliant, capable, and able to interact and work with people of all ages with grace and ease.  She taught me that it’s ok to let go of the public-school narrative, and instead listen intuitively and let divine guidance guide us, especially concerning our children’s education.

I’m not completely against public school. My youngest son went to public school K-12 and was valedictorian, an amazing athlete, with multiple college scholarships.  He had many wonderful people, coaches and teachers who inspired him.  Some of my children got their GED, some high school diplomas, and some went to work and started their own businesses.  I tried to teach them all to be creative, innovative and free thinking, to be kind and respectful of others. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world that doesn’t want us to raise healthy creative free-thinking children.  We live in a world run by billionaire global elitists who own the money systems, and all the mainstream media and other corporate systems that push the globalists world-wide agenda.  We must understand what their agenda is. 

The global elitists who create the public school narratives are satanists who suck the life essence out of children in order to avoid the consequences of their own evil actions (death).  Adrenochrome is their personal jet fuel.  They take energy and life from children in many ways.  They create STRESS so that they can harvest adrenalin from their victims.  They created many institutions, like public school to further their agenda, which is to create weak-minded people who will do what they say.  Even though we have good people in public schools, the puppet masters at the top control the curriculum, the funding and the tests.  They are behind the worldwide pedophile and human trafficking systems.

KIDS AND SEX DON’T GO TOGETHER…in any form (A-Z including LBGT…)!  These evil elitists push the sexualization of children because they are identity thieves.  It is completely unnatural for a developing child to mix sexually with others while the child is still forming his or her own identity and self-image. 

To be an artisan/craftsman creative human being requires us to spend our entire childhood learning healthy skills so that we can be a productive member of our world.   To push any form of sexuality onto children causes IDENTITY CONFUSION.  If we don’t know who we are, then we feel stressed and we create adrenaline.  That’s what these energy vampires want, for us to be stressed. 

The elitists make the poisons that create sickness.  They cause pandemics, start wars, send our children to fight and die.  They manipulate our money and net worth, raise taxes, and create the economics that require both parents to work just to survive.  They try to divide and conquer the family, turning one against another over religion, politics, sex or medical plandemics.  They digitally addict children to their fake realities, because it’s easier to space out in the meta verse, or video games than deal with real life issues.  They undermine our rights and liberties and are radically dismantling all our freedoms.  While they attack us deceptively, they tell us that they are doing it all for our own good and the good of our children.  If we want to protect ourselves, we must wake up and realize what is happening.

Today the National Education Association and state teachers’ unions are still pushing the same agenda that they were in the 80’s, but more aggressively.  The same tactics and misuse of public funds are still being used to push LEVYS.  I have never seen a single LEVY improve the quality of our children’s education.  More money thrown at the same old problem does not a solution create.

I continue to see hardworking conservative families who DO NOT want their children sexualized by anyone, take the brunt of the globalist’s assaults.  Conservative Families, you are under attack.  Your children and grandchildren are their targets.  They want you to accept their agenda, then pay for it with your own taxes and in return you must give your posterity over to their purposes.  If you fight back, you’ll be labeled and condemned by the outspoken sheeples who are still following what they are told by the globalist’s extensive media outlets and institutions. 

Many people must send their children to school in order to work, or because of custody orders, even though many of you would rather find an alternative to public school.  I can empathize with both camps. I have been a government employee with a regular paycheck and benefits, and a single-mom self-employed home business owner without any insurances.  I know how hard it is for people who have always worked for the government or a big corporation to understand what it is like for the rest of us who live hand to mouth, week to week or by the sweat of our brow, or on fixed incomes. 

Raising our taxes during a time of severe economic uncertainty, inflation and global unrest causes STRESS.  Passing a levy will not help our communities cope with the real worldwide conditions we are facing.  It will only further the globalists agenda to kill more people and steal their land. 

We must come up with solutions that will protect the innocence of children and allow them to grow up free from all sexualization and loss of true self.  When our children grow up and are sovereign adults, then they can choose a partner from their own mature and self-stable point of view experiencing mature sexuality without codependency and self-loss.

I love children.  I have grandchildren in public schools.  I am so appreciative of the conservative teachers and staff who strive to keep the children innocent and NOT sexualized by any gender or “style”.   Thank you to everyone who protects the beautiful purity children are born with.  Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who are doing all you can to protect our families.  God Bless the Pure in Heart.


Nonia Larsen



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