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It is instructive to note that the liberal sites are pretending to be conservatives that are upset at “extremists” like Ammon Bundy and the IFF while the true conservative groups are talking about “constitutional rights” being abused and needing to be restored.

Please search this site and look for any “trigger” words like “extremist” or “left wing”.  You won’t find them because we are trying to disseminate information rather than trying to sway you emotionally.

The IFF (Idaho Freedom Foundation) is an excellent resource for us to help cut through the fog of war we are in.  Knowing how a representative votes, though not foolproof, is a very good way to know what they really support.

These fake conservative groups are just an extension of the RINO tactic which is a method our enemies have chosen to use as a covert way to politically take control of this state.

Be strong and corragous and know that there is a battle for our very lives going on here.