Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

Skullduggery Afoot

A recent article by Brian Alman in the Gem State Chronicle exposes some of the political plots going on to unseat Dorothy Moon and regain control of the Republican Party.

It is sad and sometimes hard to understand how hard and deviously people will work for power over others.  It is equally baffling to this editor how lazy and careless average citizens act despite the fact that true and deadly threats to their health, prosperity, family and freedom loom over their very lives.

The two party system seems to accomplish two main things to me.  

  1. It reduces the need to vet candidates by each voter.
  2. It simplifies the choices voters have to make.

To me, this just underscores our human tendency to be lazy.

Freedom does, unfortunately, require eternal vigilence and once lost it is extrememly hard to regain.

With our easy access to information these days, it’s sometimes hard to wade through the garbage to find the truth of a matter.

Influences have captured our mainstream free press and while we live in a window of free information, that window could be made extremely small by AI which gives narriative makers the ability to disceminate subtle and seductive memes in the most difficult to spot ways and on a massive scale.

Nothing is new under the sun however, and again, all we need to do to remain free is due-dilligence in everything we do from shopping, to voting, to educating our children, to choosing who to work for, to keeping abreast of the pertinent issues as history marches on.

We can make a difference if we do not give up or comprimise our principles.


Seek truth, be humble and teachable, do what you can with all your strength, and trust God for what you cannot control.