Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

A report from Cindy Carlson

Cindy Carlson is an Idaho State Senator from District 7 and someone we consider to be a true stateswoman in office.

Her efforts to shrink government and costs have been herculean and we hope you will thank her and others that have helped to let them know we are watching them and that we appreciate all they do to represent us.

Be aware that there are powerful forces at work with big $ influencing our governments to grow and grow and grow.  That is because government force is a powerful ally to those that would monopolize and control us for their own ends.  Once government gets outside its proper constitutional boundaries it becomes increasingly difficult to get it back into that box. 


Cindy is fighting the good fight for us!

Thank you Cindy Carlson for your hard work in achieving so much during this year’s short but very busy session!


Huge efforts were made on behalf of the true conservative “common sense” legislation.  There are too many too list.  I have identified some below: 

  1. SB1081 –  This bill would have allowed illegal immigrants to obtain an Idaho Driver’s License.   FAILED
  2. HB124 Election Integrity – Now students cannot use their student ID’s to register to vote in Idaho PASSED
  3. HB 292 Property Tax Relief – Governor’s Veto overridden by the Legislature  This legislation gives property owners tax relief through a sales tax credit and tax relief from school facilities bonds and levies through a sales tax credit provided to schools.  It also increases the Circuit Breaker relief for low income households.  This is complicated legislation but if you read it carefully it does make sense.  Property tax is not being shifted to businesses.  Taxpayers are receiving credits (4.5 %) from total State sales tax revenue.  No, sales tax is not going up. A percent (4.5% total) of sales tax revenue is being allocated to property tax relief.  
  4. HB71 – Gender Dysphoria – Stops genital surgeries and puberty blockers for children. This bill on the governor’s desk.
  5. HB314 – Removes minor’s access to harmful materials in schools and libraries. This bill is on the governor’s desk. 
  6. SB1100 – Public school bathrooms and facilities will be used by each student’s biological gender. PASSED
  7. HB228 This bill Defined “Abstinence”.  Reducing the Risk Sex Ed Curriculum has been using a non-traditional definition confusing parents as to what their children were learning.  Reducing the Risk Curriculum was also removed from the appropriation for the Health & Welfare budget. YEAH! PASSED
  8. HB202 Display the words “In God We Trust” in schools.  PASSED
  9. HB242 Trafficking of Minors for Abortions. Bill is on governor’s desk. 
  10. SB 1029 – Prohibits investigations and court orders terminating a parent’s relationship with their child based on the child’s immunization status.  PASSED
  11. HB267 Expands the capacity of career technical education (CTE) in Idaho middle and high schools (grades 7-12), particularly in rural and remote communities.  PASSED


Things we could not accomplish or stop:

  1. HB24  – The governor’s Idaho Launch bill giving high school graduates $8,500 per student for higher ed or workforce training.  PASSED
  2. HB133 – Parents being allowed to teach their kids Driver’s Ed – Veto’d by the governor. Why?
  3. HB205 – Absentee Voting cleanup was attempted.   FAILED
  4. S1038 Educational Savings Accounts and S1161 Empowering Parents Revamp.  A large portion of constituents want these programs but the educational lobby groups and a strange number of  legislators want to provide college scholarships of $8500 for each high school student instead.  FAILED  FAILED
  5. SB1099 – This bill would have protected students and families from intrusion into personal and private matters by the government and transparency to parents regarding activities within schools  FAILED
  6. S1018 Prohibit certain conduct regarding food that contains a vaccine or vaccine material without notification of the presence of the vaccine or vaccine material. FAILED
  7. S1093 Labeling of food prohibit certain conduct regarding food that contains a vaccine and to provide labeling in certain instances.   FAILED


  1. HB138 removed the Presidential Primary in March and May (accidentally)   PASSED
  2. S1186 Trailer bill to add the Presidential Primary back into May but it failed in State of Affairs Committee.  So, at the moment there is no Presidential Primary? What the heck?   FAILED


  1. S1127 – Designation of the State Dinosaur  PASSED
  2. S1143 Authorizes the IF&G to create a season for collecting horn sheds   PASSED
  3. HB186 Firing Squad added as a form of Capital Punishment due to lack of lethal medication being available   PASSED
  4. HB156 Changing Rattlesnake classification of Non-Game Protected to Predatory Wildlife   PASSED