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The Attack We Face


There is a multi-pronged attack on human life as we know it right now. 

I was watching a very good editorial video by Jordan Peterson telling the elites of Canada to “back off” on their “climate change” initiatives that would most certainly bankrupt and starve much of Canada and would not save anyone or the planet by taking such draconian “ends justifies the means” measures.

It occurred to me that there is a multi-pronged attack on virtually anyone that isn’t super-rich. Those attack vectors are justice, information, mind, community, money, technology, health, energy, and finally, food, in that order.

For well over 100 years, various slow but systematic changes have been made to our governmental and social systems to advance this attack.  The enemy has coordinated these attacks with careful timing, intrigue and clever misleading to eliminate one obstacle after another, bringing us to the end-game we see today.

There may be a way to stop this attack via a revolutionary tax revolt, but I doubt we have the time or the ability to coordinate such a defense.  The only other option I see is a spiritual one where the powers of good beat the powers of evil from a plane higher than this earthly one.


The above very short abstract is about as many words as I can get into a letter to the editor.  Typically, an editorial is limited to 200-250 words total.  This appears to me to be a part of the attack vector on information.  The first federalist paper article (which was published in newspapers at the time as an editorial) was some 1500 words.

After the recent primary election of 2022, I wrote a two-part, 3000 word article, on exactly how Idaho County collects and counts the votes and what vulnerabilities we face and proposals on how to fix those problems.    Even though such an article would be of critical importance to our citizens, no paper, to the best of my knowledge, ever attempted to publish this article.  The article was based on my personal observation of the vote count and the polls during the primary election and on my technical expertise in computers and systems engineering.

To the best of my knowledge, that article was never published anywhere except on the Idaho Citizens for Good Government website where I act as the webmaster.

Such is prima-fascia evidence of the obstruction of free deep information flow.

So let’s discuss each vector listed in the abstract in order and see what has been happening to us.


The first pillar of government to be subverted, I feel, was and has to be the ability of the people to enforce Justice.  That is, the ability to handle on a case-by-case basis, any conflict of interest or crime in a way that is simple, effective, fair, quick and cheap.

This ability was noteably undermined long ago by the introduction of cannon/roman law (The Corpus Juris – also known by some as the “Justinian Deception”) which created a kind of top-down system of law with the express agendas of the state in mind, namely its own self preservation and favor, over the common law doctrine of “Love thy neighbor and do no harm”.

The events of the Magna Charta and the revolutionary use of Juries in the courts added some checks that partially reformed the mess that the Babylonian, Roman and Catholic (ecclesiastical canon law) systems gave us but only bought us time.

The real and effective attack against a good justice system in the U.S. was the creation of the BAR association where the lawyers became tightly self-regulated and controlled in a way that began to exclude pro-se and non-professional representation before the courts.  This in turn created a monopoly on law.  As we have seen throughout history, a monopoly generally produces poor quality, and higher cost due to curbing free competition.

This monopoly of law by the lawyers was put down by the first 13th amendment to the Constitution for (not of) the united states of America which outlawed titles of nobility for any office in government.  However this amendment, though properly ratified and proven true in the D.C. archives, was hidden during the civil war and a new amendment was ratified in its place.  The D.C. archives will no longer allow access to this proof I am told and the Supreme’s will not hear a case concerning it.

Legal precedent of court cases also contributed to the corruption of the justice system by making sure that cases that could hurt the state’s agenda would either not be heard or would be dismissed on some technical pretext so as not to allow the core arguments to be published and create precedent.

Finally, the whole system was perverted into a corporate contractual structure and the dismantling of the de-jure congress after the Civil War.  The “Reconstruction” was a complete remaking of our law and justice system done in plain sight with lots of misdirection.

Today we see the fruit of this corruption where, for just one example, a mom that took her child to the park during an unlawful “lock-down” is being driven into bankruptcy via exorbitant legal bills fighting a state misdemeanor infraction prosecution.


If you read any US History book written at the time I went to high school (1970s) you will see the term “Yellow Journalism” bandied about.  You can read of the massive fortunes of the Hearst dynasty which has grown into the control of virtually all our main-stream media including not just newspapers (including your local ones to a certain extent) and TV and Radio, but also Movies and now social media, by a mere handful of gigantic companies.

The corruption of justice allowed this to happen because sneaky and clearly evil monopolistic practices in the business sector could not be stopped by a simple lawsuit based on common sense and the simple law of love.

Parallel with these changes, our education system was first embraced as a state supported essential service and then became a mandated centralized and systematized, age-differentiated system of indoctrination with gradual movement away from local parental control to eventually federally mandated strings attached to money granted from our own tax dollars (or phoney money created out of nothing).

Once in place, the Bible was supplanted with Evolution as the god of our schools.  Information to our next generation was now controlled to gradually produce the desired result – an amoral and inarticulate and ignorant new generation.

This corruption in knowledge and information then led to the complete corruption of the realm of science so that “peer reviewed” consensus and grant driven research displaced proven empirical experimentation by private competing views of reality.


With the corruption of information and education came the corruption of the individual mind.  Once sufficient false premises and ideas could take hold within our culture, the inversion of our world view was slowly changed from a God-centered, creationist viewpoint to a collective blind faith in the reality of chance enforced by our peers. 

This in turn put pressure on the family, supplanting parental rights with collective socialization goals.  This separated the partnership and cooperation of the marriage union with women’s “rights” to vote independently of the biblically supported family head.  (Note that women have rights – they chose if and whom they would marry.  I do not oppose single adult women voting.  They are not attached to a man in a family.)  At the same time, the corruption of our laws turned the institution of marriage, and thus of the family, from a God created thing into a state controlled entity granting state control over the fruit of the marriage – our children.

With a weak family, the corruptions of various perversions became acceptable over time including abortion, homosexuality, infidelity, bestiality and finally a complete confusion of gender.

And with these corruptions our social fabric began to break down and loneliness and a disconnected form of individualism took hold creating an individual that was even more susceptible to logical fallacies and propaganda than before.

This in turn created the mass psychosis we see today where sufficient fear and disconnection from others results in a hysterical mass of zombies destroying themselves and their neighbors and family with insane ideas and equally insane actions.  The very technology that connects us actually divides us as we look to the screen instead of to the person next to us.


All this miss-education, media bombardment, monopolies everywhere and a lack of true justice promote the destruction of the very core relationships that hold a community together.  There is no trusted parent or friend to turn to.  All truth is relative and all promises are subject to situation ethics that unglues us from each other.  Trust is destroyed.

When a local community does form in retaliation to the mass decay of our society, it is infiltrated by government agents or isolated by the sickened society that surrounds it causing eventual disassociation and dysfunction.  The sane small communities become unable to correct the overall pressures of mass psychosis that surrounds them.

Even the church has not escaped this corruption, having been comprimized by phoney 503c tax exemptions with strings and often promoting uniform compliance to any authority (especially the state) regardless of whether or not that authority is in line with the word of God.


Another vector is the perversion of our money system from one of tangible, fungible and honest money to fiat, manipulated debt money.

This perversion took hold when both the Federal Reserve System and the IRS were created back in 1913 and culminated in the New Deal of 1933 where our true lawful money (gold, and later, silver) were taken from us by force and eventually the promissory notes given in exchange were perverted into mere IOUs and finally, when our oil dominance could not be sustained, left us with the now looming hyper-inflation we will soon suffer to see.

This system of corrupt money has grown globally and threatens to throw the entire planet into an economic collapse that has never before been seen.


Now, with the power of computers, I see my PC turn itself on in the middle of the night from a sleep state and download updates and install them and then shut itself off without my permission or notice.

Hundreds of invisible processes run continuously on your phone, PC or Mac without your ability to turn them off or even understand what all they do without investing many hours of research.

All our activity on our computers is monitored and logged, sold to the highest bidder initially, but eventually gathered by centralized databases into a tome of private information usable for blackmail or later conviction under the corrupted law and courts.

We also face a Trojan Horse of technology from China that is now producing inferior goods and complex designs that can’t be fixed but must be replaced.   As supply chains grow weaker, replacement parts, that break soon after waranty, are getting more an more expensive as inflation takes hold and could leave us in the dark and cold (or hot) without a solution.


Over time we have seen the fruit of evolutionary, mechanistic, godless thinking infiltrate the areas of geology, cosmology, biology and eventually to medicine where only a licensed person can offer alopathic health solutions legally.  Eventually the pharmacy and insurance monopolies, created by a monopoly enforcing broken justice system, created “standards of care” that force inferior or limited solutions for our health problems onto us.  This eventually lead to the loss of the lawful right to care for ourselves as we see fit.

The recent COVID fiasco was a very quick advancement of this attack vector and we can clearly see the damage and changes it has created.


With the stark contrast of the policies of the Biden vs Trump administrations we can also clearly see the global attack on energy production.  Private solutions are replaced by public utilities which are forced to use less than optimal technologies (for concocted ecological emergency reasons) in favor of impossible or centralized solutions being forced upon us all.

Abundant fossil, hydroelectric and nuclear sources are being cut off as insufficient utopian sources are embraced even while using technologies that are potentially more expensive and more polluting than the ones we currently use.

The goal is clearly to rob us of the energy we need to live, not to save the planet.


And now we see a systematic destruction of our ability to feed ourselves with supply chain disruption, mysterious fires at food processing plants and the ridiculous regulation of food producers and distributers, forcing non-production, inefficiency and lack of choice that is the hallmark of yet another monopoly. The scarcity of energy sources that we use to move and preserve our food just makes things that much worse.


All of this, to me is so very obvious and clear.  My assumptions may not agree with yours but the trend is clearly visible to all but those ostrich worshipers whose heads are deeply buried in the sands of self delusion.

The pattern of concentration of power into fewer and fewer hands is clearly happening.

All these changes have been orchestrated to coincide at a point in time that will probably result in the death of most of the people on this planet which is openly predicted by researchers.  The layers of lies and miss-education have led to a populace that can’t seem to see the clearly planned agenda playing out right before their eyes.  And of course, our system of mass information is hiding the views of those that could save us from our ignorance and delusional outlook with media and government censorship and propaganda.

A Possible Solution

I hate to leave this subject on such a depressing note.  I think there is a chance to stop this terrible conclusion that looms before us if we can all work together quickly enough.

Karl Marx offered the intellectual excuse needed to accomplish the Bolshevik revolution.  In his “Communist Manifesto” he proposed 10 planks which were needed to accomplish his utopian dream – the end that justified the means.

One of those was a direct income tax.

What this does is remove all the hierarchical government checks we previously had where the individual dealt with his town and precinct/township, which in turn dealt with the County which in turn dealt with the state which then dealt with the federal government.

If we all refused to deal with any governmental entity beyond our most local one, including the dissemination of taxes, we would instantly restore those hierarchical checks we had.

An individual can’t hold out on the federal government, but a state or a bunch of states can!

But alas, things have to get so bad before a populace will take such steps that it becomes near impossible to get this done.  But the nice thing about this approach is that it is not a direct “I won’t pay my taxes” rebellion.  It is more “I won’t pay my taxes to those I don’t have reasonable representation or control of”.

We simply pay our taxes, including property, income, sales and excise taxes, to the next level up of government. Any level of government that can stop the flow of our wealth to the next level up is a check on the complete disregard for the will of the people we see happening today.

This enables the “doctrine of the lesser magistrate” to have power to effect the policies of the higher levels of government in addtion to our (now broken) ballot box check.


My proposal is hardly an easy one to accomplish but perhaps, if we survive this onslaught, in the next incarnation of government, we can implement something like this as another check on the natural corruption of government.

To me, this whole incredible pattern of this diabolical and systematic creation of a global totalitarian state is indicative of a central mind orchestrating it through history and to me that must be a spiritual source such as Satan.

The biblical answer is God and His truth.

Love Him.  Obey Him.  Praise Him.  Thank Him, Fear Him, Ask Him, and look up, for your redemption draws nigh.

A Final Note

This letter roughly took about 2700+ words to write.  I will thus only attempt to publish the abstract as a letter to the editor along with a reference to this full version on the ICGG website.

Best Wishes

Sanford Staab

The ICGG Webmaster and chief pontificator for now.