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And the hits just keep on commin...

Cindy Carlson and the entire conservative side of the legislature are under some serious attack.

The Conservative Accountability Project

You may have seen these expensive campaign flyers in your mailbox recently if you live in District 7.  A group that calls themselves “The Conservative Accountability Project” (CAP) put this out.  If you look at the flyer they are implying that because Cindy Carlson, who has been voting consistently to lower your taxes, is somehow responsible for murders that took place at Idaho State University.

This flyer is literally asking for government to “protect” us better from whack-jobs like Bryan Kohberger that committed 4 murders on the Idaho State University campus – who was a PHD grad student studying criminal justice at U of Washington.

Our law enforcement already has been using our cell-phone records to track us for quite some time and this data did help police to find this fiend.  But at what cost to privacy – our constitutionally guaranteed privacy in the bill of rights?

How much more draconian power must we grant to our government, that we must pay for, will it take for the people behind CAP to feel safe in their homes?

Does CAP represent Idaho citizens?  There has been massive money coming into the state supporting groups like this that are lying to voters to sway the election.

The Idaho Freedom Caucus has been especially under attack which Mrs. Carlson helped create in order to break through the grid-lock over the state legislature caused by senior RINOs like Chuck Winder that appoint other RINOs to key leadership positions on various committees that are able to kill conservative bills and push liberal ones.

An article from Cindy Carlson published in the Idaho Free Press on November 29th, 2023

This is what Cindy has helped accomplished in just her first term as a State Senator and it is helping us all in our pocketbooks that are being robbed by ever-increasing taxes which are generally being spent on every possible project to grow the power and reach of government and increase the dependency of citizens on government.

Idaho voters must become savvy and educated by doing their own research to not be fooled by these big-money campaigns that are lying to us constantly.

While creating our ICGG 3-fold brochure educational flyer shown below, we noticed that when we compared the Idaho Freedom Foundation‘s spending category grades of RINOs (who vote like democrats though they are registered as republicans) with current Democrat scores, the RINOs vote to spend significantly more of our tax dollars than the democrats do!

The tactics being used to push Idaho to the left – one of the few states left where people can get away from the socialist over-bearing, financially destroying, homeless creating, draconian, anti-constitutional states such as California, Oregon, and Washington, all of which used to be much more like Idaho in years past – are using every despicable tactic available to win power – power that will never be relinquished if gained.

For those that want some more nitty-gritty info on what is happening with the State Senate check out this video.

You can also see who voted for and against HB222 (tax relief bill) here.