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The Problem with RINOs and DINOs

An editorial by Sanford Staab

Some articles I have seen in the papers recently say that Dorothy Moon’s attempts to vett candidates before allowing them to run as a Republican is somehow evil while the democrats say that candidates that differ from the party’s platform value the “Citizens” more than their party.

The point is, when a candidate differs significantly in his views from his party’s platform (regardless of the party) he is essentially LYING to the voters.

This is such a blow to the integrity of both the Ds and the Rs that independent candidates, such as Ammon Bundy, are becoming a true threat to the “mainstream” partys.

The Rs, have been supporting RINOs because they are Rs in name even if not in spirit. The Ds have been supporting (and becoming) RINOs because thier party platform is so out of touch with the average Idahoans, they can’t get elected otherwise. This has damaged both party’s reputations, rendering the platforms of little value when voting.

The only real solution to this problem is for voters to do their research and vote by character and past performance over party or platform.  Doing this will help keep the party’s honest and probably give us a better set of politicians over time.