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Several of you may have recieved this newspaper-like mailing in the mail recently.  This one is dated February 2024 and was mailed from Boise.

I scanned it and found that every article was made to appear to be “concerned” about republicans being a bit “extreme” which could indicate “looming” problems.  It was especially focused on the upcoming Firehouse Caucus event on March 2nd and Dorothy Moon.

So I decided to look for who wrote this paper.  

There was no notice on it so I looked for their website

The financials are available through which appears to be a business registering service and agent.

The financials report required a subscription to acquire so I simply asked them why I had to pay money to know the financials of a company that is publishing to the public.

I got a response that my question was approved and here is what it stated for their financials:

Note that this company’s principle address is in Post Falls, but it was mailed from Boise.

Note that the Registered agent is a company that hides the true ownership of the company.

Note that the company is Inactive/Dissolved.

Note that on their website they ask for your comments.

Note that their website has some large photos and very little information.

Note there appears to be no way to find out who is funding this or owns this business.


I have found this pretty common for fake conservative organizations (some of which you will find listed in our Other Groups Like Us page.)

This is ELECTION INTERFERENCE and is Criminal in nature.

We are in a war of deception and lies.  Voters PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Voting R in this state is no longer a safe or wise thing to do.  Be vigilent or be a slave.

Some Details on the WHO

There is a distinct pattern here.  Many of our worst representatives are Republican.  This is real damage done by RINOs – it’s not a game.


Don’t let liars prosper – Do your research! Check their voting records. Take some time and review some laws.

Go here to find IDGG brochures that you can print and hand out to your neighbors – especially if you are in one of the “Dirty Dozen” districts.