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Traditional Family Values - Killed

... by Jim Guthrie

Cindy Carlson brought this to our attention via a summary of things accomplished and not accomplished in the state legislature over the 2024 session.

In it she referenced HCR35 which was a simple (H)ouse (C)oncurrent (R)esolution to recognize traditional family values.

Senator Ben Toews wrote a sub-stack on this resolution you can find here.

It was passed on party lines in the House but was killed in the Senate State Affairs Committee which is chared by Senator Jim Guthrie of District 28.  Senator Guthrie not only doesn’t think simple Traditional Family Values deserve a vote on the Senate floor, he also has an IFF rating of F on both the Freedom and Spending indexes.  He has an A+ on the Educational index, which most of the big spenders have.

Jim Guthrie is one of the “Dirty Dozen” RINOs in the legislature dubbed by the ICGG as among the worst and most powerful of the worst.

If you think getting rid of people that block a simple Traditional Family Values resolution from a vote is a good thing, consider joining our next District 20 canvasing event.

We don’t have the big $ from George Soros, but we do have lots of normal people with common sense.  Let your legs do the walking and your mouths do the talking so that the loud voice of money doesn’t drown out truth, common sense, and the American Family.