Last month, a group called the Idaho Liberty PAC spent nearly $50,000 on literature and staff targeting senators Tammy Nichols, Chris Trakel and Brian Lenney. These three senators are all members of The Freedom Caucus, a group of state legislators committed to safeguarding Idahoans’ freedoms and liberty and exposing RINO (Republicans In Name Only) voting records.


RINO legislators will pack a spending bill to include funding for such leftist programs as diversity, equity, inclusion, critical race theory, LGBTQ, gender identity and abortion. Then, when a real conservative opposes the bill, they point out how the bill funds police, veterans or prisons and say they oppose that. Trying to make us think the good senators are bad and the bad good.

Idaho Liberty PAC has received $340,000 from the Idaho Victory Fund, a PAC that has received $1,160,580 during the past three years. Most of their contributions have come from big corporations, many of which represent the healthcare industry. $500,000 came from something called the Idaho Inaugural Committee. Prior to the Friends of Brad Little PAC being formed, it was known as the Idaho Inaugural Committee. These snakes are all in bed together and use legal schemes to deceive us.


I just received a flier in the mail accusing Senator Cindy Carlson of not wanting U of I students to be safe. In actuality, she conservatively opposed a bill that would increase taxpayer funding of U of I by $1,000,000.

These RINOs and big corporate backers will be using their money to trick you into voting for more RINOs and against the true conservatives who really care about Idahoans. Don’t be fooled.

Jay Maxner