Idaho Citizens for

Good Government

Here is our thinking on what should be the proper answers to our Candidate Survey.

1 Do you believe there are 2 and only 2 genders with the exception of hermaphrodites? 

Correct answer: Yes

Why?  It seems obvious that the Human species is a bi-gender race that procreates by the joining of one male and one female.  Any candidate that can’t get this one right is very confused.

2 Do you support the public grading of candidates based on their voting record?

Correct answer: Yes

Why?  Voters cannot know how their representatives are doing without their voting record.  We all know that politicians frequently mis-represent themselves publicly.  The only way to hold them in check is for voters to have access to their representatives voting record.  That is why all final votes on any bill are public information which you can look up easily on your various government websites or call your representative and ask their office how they voted on a particular bill.

Any candidate that says no on this one doesn’t want you to know the truth of the matter.

3 Do you support outlawing all out-of-state campaign contributions?

Correct answer: Yes

Why?  We say Yes to this because these days big money routinely crosses state lines to influence local elections.  Idaho is very suseptible to this and has lots of money coming from places like California to influence our elections.

Idaho government is for Idahoians, not for people that live in other states.

4 Do you support the concept of term limits?

Correct answer: Yes

Why?  The concept of limiting the time a representative holds office is simply based on the idea that power corrupts over time.  One can see this happen with many representatives by watching their voting record over time.  There are many forces pulling on a legislator to comprimise their ideals in order to “get something done”.  It is a frustrating roll to be in.

On the other hand, some candidates might say No to this one because it limits the choice of voters.  A good rep is worth keeping, no matter how long they have been in office.

Thus our Yes here is not as strong as on other questionss but the concept of not having a career politician in office seems right to us.

5 Do you support denying all illegal aliens state services and funds?

Correct answer: Yes

Why?  Because giving tax payer money (which, ultimately is taken at gun-point if you think about it) to those outside the jurisdication of the government taxing you is outright theft with no benefit to the taxpayers.

When elections are corrupt, aliens can influence them and giving aliens services or other benefits from government funds is a form of bribery.

6 Do you support the right of parents to monitor teaching of their children in public schools?

Correct answer: Yes

Why? Children, despite what some government officials would like to think, are the responsibility of their parents to take care of.  The public schools should be operating as a service to parents to help them educate their child.  Parents have the clear right to monitor and be aware of what their children are being taught because they pay for this service with their taxes and those services direct effect their children.

Any candidate that says No to this is telling you that the state has a greater interest in your kids than you do.

7 Do you support the right of parents to home school?

Correct answer: Yes

Why? The public school system didn’t always exist.  Home schooling was the only option for parents before public systems of education were invented.  Home schooling therefore pre-dates public schooling and is thus “grandfathered in”.  Home schooling is also an effective check on state sponsored indoctrination of the populace that could eventually destroy our republic and liberties.

10 Do you support the second amendment of the US Constitution as written

Correct answer: Yes

Why? Any candidate that does not support any part of the Bill of Rights is opposing a time tested protection of our rights.

A militia and the bearing of arms is a clear check on government power and is more needed today than it was when it was written.

Disarming the public while arming the government has been tried in many places over the years and eventually results in oppression of the people and many times increased crime.

Prisoners in jail and other places with strongly enforced rules against being armed still manage to kill each other.  Baning a tool does not fix human nature.

It is not lawful to harm innocient people with guns or otherwise.  There is no need to destroy our right to be able to defend ourselves so long as we do no harm to others that have not harmed or threatened us.

11 Do you support the right of the unborn to live?

Correct answer: Yes

Why? We know that conception cannot happen without the joining of male and female.

Thus, an “unwanted” baby cannot be created by accident.

There is a specific consentual act of the will to concieve a child.

At that point, the mother and father have consented to the responsibility to care for that life till it is able to care for itself.

To say that it is a woman’s right to breech such a responsibility is counter to her actions that allowed the conception.

Rape is an obvious exception but does not grant the right to kill another life due to an unfortunate event.

Many many people want to have children that can’t.  The barriers to adoption should be lowered to allow an un-wanted child to live.

To call a pre-born person a “fetus” is simply a linguistic trick to deny the responsibility of a mother to complete the course that her choices put into motion.

Abortion is clear murder and if allowed opens the door to destroying human life for other reasons. 

Breeching the protection of innocent life puts all innocent life in danger whether pre-born or not.

12 Do you support the right of the people to reserve to themselves all powers not explicitly delegated to the state by the constitution?

Correct answer: Yes

Why? This right is protected by the 9th and 10th ammendments of the Bill of Rights.

It is there to explicitly tell anyone reading the document that it is to be construed in the favor of the people over their public servants.

It is extremely important that citizens understand that the government was created to serve them and not the other way around.

13 Do you support the right to bodily autonomy when it comes to medical services?

Correct answer: Yes

Why? Anyone that would say No to this means that they don’t think you own your own body.

This is a doorway to a nightmare of intrusion and control over the individual that has the potential to destroy the human race.

Fear tactics, such as a pandemic, (a term redefined for the occasion) are just another way to justify the complete destruction of individual rights and freedoms.

It is an attempt to say that your life is a threat to others with no intent on your part necessary. 

It is the gateway to genocide.

14 Is an act that does no harm and has no intention of harm a crime?

Correct answer: No

Why? The idea that “No Harm = No Crime” comes from an ancient maxim of law originated in greek times.

It is a natural limitation on the definition of a crime that has been abandoned slowly over the 20th century and is completely lost in the 21st century.

Ignoring this wise maxim allows government to make behavior-modification or victimless-crime laws that limit our freedoms.

Our form of government was created, according to the Declaration of Independence, to maximize human life and liberty and happiness.

Violating this maxim allows a state to eventually make criminals out of all of us which can be used to suppress any behavior they like at whim.

It is a very subtle path to complete slavery to the state.

15 Do you support requiring two methods of counting votes?

Correct answer: Yes

Why? Both the Trump and Biden presidential elections demonstrated the frailty of our system of elections.

Voting by mail or computer is becoming common-place and is being pushed over in-person voting.

Technology has advanced to the point that it is almost impossible to guarantee that a mechanical and computerized method of counting ballots is trustworty and needs at least one other method of counting to verify the accuracy of the machine count.

If your votes aren’t properly counted and reported, you cannot have any kind of democracy or representative republic work in accordance with the will of the people.

Destroying this integrety converts a free society into a closed one.

16 Do you support legislation, such as the American Disabilities Act, that favors one group of people over the rest?

Correct answer: No

Why? This is a bit tricky.  On the surface one would think that passing laws that benefit the handicapped would be good.

This stems from a false view of fairness and the confusion of “eqality of opportunity” with “equality of outcome”.

In a free society, each person does what they want, so long as it doesn’t harm others, and reaps the consequences of their actions.

If a slave society, each person is a comodity that is used by the state for the state’s benefit.  Wealth is redistributed as the state sees fit and this redistribution is treated as “fairness”.

The disabilities of one individual is not caused by the freedoms and wealth of another.  It is generally a consequence of choices of the disabled person or it is an unfortunate circumstance with not known cause or in some cases it is the consequence of a parent or other person that is no longer in the picture or is unable to correct the situation.

The ADA is a clever form of imposing state “fairness” in individuals and is a form of wealth redistribution.

A common confusion many Americans have is that the rights of a group can exceed the rights of an individual.

This is not the case and is the false premise behind Democracy.

3 people cannot tell 1 person what to do in a republic, but they can in a democracy.

If is a clear breach of individual freedoms, property, and rights to pass legislation that redistributes wealth or privilage and is contrary to a free society.

17 Do you support eliminating all state personal income taxes?

Correct answer: Yes

Why? Income tax is one of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto and is another form of wealth redistribution.

Under our constitutional form of government, the only lawful taxes are Excise and Apportioned.

Excise is a tax you pay when you use a particular taxed product or pay a tarrif for passage across a border.

Apportioned taxes are ones that are paid equally by every individual.

An income tax is not uniform and thus is unlawful.

18 Do you support eliminating all property taxes in Idaho?

Correct answer: Yes

Why? Property taxes have not always been around in this country.

How we likely evolved into these taxes is due to the destruction of our lawful money (gold and silver) creating easy credit that allowed banks to gain ownership of property.

Banks are commercial entities that our constitution allows the government to regulate.

When a bank owns land it can be taxed because it is commercial.

But when an individual owns the land, it used to be held in “Alodium” meaning a form of title above the serfdom title of “fee simple” which could not be taxed.

Once the banks got ownership of a majority of the privately held land, our allodial titles were forgotten and lost.

Getting rid of property taxes on land owned by individuals (as opposed to owned by corporations) would be a good way to return to the checks we had on corporations before the Civil War and the creation of the FED.

The only way we would say No to this question is because, as stated, it doesn’t really get us back to where we were.  Corporate land should be taxed for the benefit of the people while the people should be able to live without eternal rent.

19 Do you support government issued digital. I.D.’s, health passports and digital currencies?

Correct answer: No

Why? It needs to be made clear that the people “own” the government and not vice-versa.

Identification is an important way for governments to track and control their citizens.

Today this power to identify citizens is growing into a high-tech way to absolutely control every aspect of an individuals life.

We are rapidly approaching the biblical “mark of the beast” where an individual can be rendered so impotent as to not be able to survive within society.

Outlawry was at one time an excellent way of enforcing law on people without cost but that was only done once one was “proven guilty in a court of law”.

We are now seeing this black-listing technique used without due process and this is an extreme danger to our liberty.

Identification is inherently a violation of privacy, especially when computers are used.

One would much prefer that all Ids be issued by local levels of government to limit to accumulation of ids into a single set of hands.

20 Do you believe that Idaho should take back Federally managed lands within the state?

Correct answer: Yes

Why?  The accumulation of vast amounts of both state and federal lands is in violation of the US Constitution where it says “… for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards and other needful Buildings”

There is no power granted to the federal government to own or control vast amounts of land.

A constitutional amendment is needed to grant such powers to the federal government.