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An Important Letter from Mike Kingsley

This is an urgent wakeup call from Mike Kingsley (Our current state rep for district 7) we should all pay attention to.  There are some very pertinent points here most are unaware of and Mike includes some great advice on who to support to “Tame the Monster”.

We are rapidly loosing all representation in this state and this nation and it will be near impossible to get that back once lost.

Please read and share as your conscience directs.

Idaho is in Trouble!

By Representative Mike Kingsley
Long read, please read it if you love our Idaho!
8 years has shown me alot.
Over the past years about 80% of my time was trying to reign in a monster.
The monster is an out of control establishment government that has grown way bigger than what the founders of Idaho ever expected it to be.
What caused this?
Most can be attributed to an out of control federal government that sends Idaho about .40 cents more in a dollar than we send them.
That is not an updated number, now that Medicaid has expanded ( grown to over 4 billion), it will be much more.
Our federal government is 34, soon to be 35 Trillion in debt, without any possibility of trying to reign in the mandates and spending.
What happens when the feds say, “Idaho we will not be sending you anymore?
We are so dependent on this printed ponzi scheme money from the feds, it’s only a matter of time.
Knowing whats coming, I voted along with about 15 to 20 others in the house continually against inflated budgets, out of control growth that all require more, every year.
In 10 years we grew the budget 54%! IN just 10 YEARS!
If your personal budget was spending 40 cents per dollar more than you recieve, you would cut spending, make adjustments, that’s what we were trying to do, but here is what happened to us.
We are called extremist, right wing fanatics, media such as Lewiston Morning Tribune, Idaho Press Tribune, Idaho Statesman, mocked our efforts, never reporting the side of legislators that are making the hard choices by saying NO!
They glorify the spenders, call them common sense republicans, thoughtful, forward thinking. They’re cheered, rewarded for their big government yes votes, the protection of the monster.
From our Governor, to other leaders, pats on the back, appointments to interim summer committees, invites to the Governor’s cup, a swanky yearly retreat in Sun Valley or CDA paid for by lobbyists. You never see small government legislators at this event, those who help support these giant agencies, lobbyists, I have been, paid on my own.
Governor Little stands at the microphone and states, ” Who are my legislative PARTNERS here”?
That should be an insult to legislators, we are suppose to be INDEPENDENT of the executive branch, not PARTNERS with him.
House and Senate leadership pick committee Chairman and vice chairs, based on their to feeding the monster.
They say they don’t.
Let’s look at it.
The maligned Idaho Freedom Foundation, the American Conservative Union, are two organizations that read bills in Idaho.
If a bill or funding requires growth in Idaho, they rate them. If a bill grows government it has a negative rating.
These groups then rate legislators, a person that tries to reign in the monster is rated higher than those who are spenders with the IFF and American Conservative union.
On the other side, is the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry also known as I.A.C.I
(eye-ack-e) rate the same way on those who grow government. Democrats and Republicans that play their game of growing government get rated high. IACI thrn donates thousands of dollars in csmpaign funds for ratings that grow using your tax dollars! Sickening!
If you look up the ratings of who is in charge of these comittees 90% of the time is high rated IACI scores, rarely will you find a high rated small government comittee chairman.
The only exception is Representative Brent Crane, Thank God he’s in State affairs in the House.
They usually let a few small government committee chairs on one side in the house then load up the big government person on the senate side, knowing a bill has to pass both sides, or a chair can hold a bill not even give it a hearing.
There is hope!
Last year, we launched the Idaho Freedom Caucus no relationship with the Idaho Freedom foundation, ( the rating group)
The Idaho Freedom caucus is part of the State Freedom Network, other States are joining other Freedom caucuses across the United States.
When we launched this resulted in the big government spenders launching a caucus called the Main Street Caucus.
I’m so thankful they have done this.
Easily identifies the big government players.
If you think the above described is not an issue by all means support these IACI high rated individuals.
If you don’t, please spread the news of how Idaho works and vote these people out.
We need to grow the Idaho Freedom Caucus! The small limited government side!
As you are aware, I am leaving.
I was going to stay due to the need to grow the IFC caucus, when Kyle Harris signed up to run, I absolutely felt comfortable to not run.
Kyle will carry on for the good guys.
I also am supporting Larry A Dunn in this primary, strictly because he is going to be a part of the I.F.C.
I talked with his opponent, super nice guy, I consider him a friend but he just can’t see how important growing the IFC is.
I’m this concerned over Idaho’s future, to support Larry, I don’t take this lightly.
I’m also hopeful with our new speaker Mike Moyle, Mike as speaker is much changed over our previous speaker Scott Bedke currently Leutinent Governor, (IACI high rated.)
Mike does not vote perfectly but much better. What most impressed me was his stance against the GovernorS pet project, LAUNCH, A socialist program of paying up to 8000 for kids higher education, no different than Biden forgiving student loan debt.
Speaker Moyle stood strong against the Governor on this wasteful program.
Kids don’t have to stay in Idaho, after they graduate.
Kids can drop out
Kids go to work for Governor biggest supporters, basically training his friends employees on your tax dollars.
This is a bull$#!+ spending bill.
Thank you Speaker Moyle for calling it what it is.
Other upcoming leaders need support.
Representative Jason Monks, Brent Crane, I hope we grow the IFC enough that they will want to become members.
I know this alot to take in, it really comes down to you!
Your choice!
Correcting Idaho’s spending or continuing growing government by using federal and state funds that grow, agencies, lobbyists favorite programs, corporations.
This election, the big government folks are pulling out all weapons.
They are funding political action comittees, PACS specifically targeting Idaho freedom caucus members, Scott Herndon, Tammy Nichols Brian Lenney – Nampa Senator Jacyn Giesbers-Gallagher Heather Scott Tony Wisniewski Dale Hawkins many others.
They also are joining Democrats to support open primaries and rank choice voting. This will make it difficult for small government conservatives to get elected by shifting second choices to stay on ballot.
Then big government people are trying to change our Republican Platform which clearly states government is to be small.
They’re doing this by spending millions on precinct races, it’s the precinct where we elect people to go vote in the state every six months to write and agree on our platform.
These people want Idaho to turn like Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, they are pulling out all they have this election.
In the next few weeks , I’ll be giving you names of who to support that are on the small limited government side, my reccomended people will be those who are going to save Idaho.
If you read all of this, Thank you.
Please share! We can do the right thing if we have honest information.